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Software Update: Jul.,11,2016

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Product Installation

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VRiSim and SerialFP2 are application software managing VRInsight’s flight simulation hardware panels. To reduce distributing file size, software installer is supplied as divided package; base-package(VRiSim and SerialFP2) and device specific module package. The base-package installs only VRiSim, SerialFP2 and Panel Installer utility.  Install Base Package


Panel specific module pack:


- v320 Overhead (Manual)  Install v320 OVHD Module

- v737 Overhead (Manual)  Install v737 OVHD Module

- MCP Combo II (Manual)  Install MCP Combo II Module (Boeing Type MCP)

- FCU Combo (Manual) Install FCU Combo Module (Airbus Type MCP)

- MCP-Combo (Manual) Install MCP Combo Module

- CDU-II & III (CDU-II Manual, CDU-III) Install CDU-II Module

- CDU-I Install CDU-I Module (Old CDU model for iFly737NG, PMDG-737NGX)

- M-Panel (Manual) Install M-Panel Module

- GPS-5 (Manual) Install GPS-5 Module

- PropPit (Manual) Install ProPit Module

- uPropPit (Manual) Install uProPit Module

- JetPit (Manual) Install JetPit Module

- uJetPit (Manual) Install uJetPit Module

- Radio-Stack (Manual) Install RadioStack Module

- Radio Stack Pro (Manual) /  Install RadioStack Pro Module

- V1000Pit/Pro (Manual / Mindstar G1000 / XP FTS1000) Install V1000Pit/Pro Module

- Prop Control Box (Manual/PropCockpitTrainer)  Install Prop-Control-Box Module (Lower-Box of PCT)

- PCT-2S(Prop-Cockpit-Trainer)(Manual/PropCockpitTrainer): Install ProPit, Install Radio-Stack, Install Prop Control Box


* PMDG 737NGX & 777X Users:

- Latest Service Pack MUST be installed (SP1D as of 2016, Apr. for 737NGX, 777X)

- Read carefully “ENABLING DATA OUTPUT”. Need to set data-out option after installation.


* FCU Combo panel mapping to PMDG 737NGX/PMDG 777X/iFLY 737NG


* M-panel mapping to PMDG PMDG 777X


* New Key-mapping  tool: FSUIPC Control for FSX Commands and PMDG 777X/737NGX

- FSUIPC Control Lists for PMDG 777X & PMDG 737NGX (FULL Lists including MCP & MIP, CDU, Overhead)


* FSUIPC Control & Keyboard key mapping Explained here


- Flight Master Yoke-I/II Calibrate and assign axis and buttons in the X-Plane, FSX/P3D explained here


2.   SerialFP2

* SerialFP2 software also can be installed and used for back-ward compatibility


- MCP-Combo





Pete Dowson’s FSUIPC [more]

Add-On module for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. Remember this is Payware.


Additional Documents:


MS-FSX Requirement

VRInsight’s flight panel requires SP1 and SP2 or Acceleration pack


Dowload FSX Service Pack (Free)

-       Service pack 1 here

-       Service Pack 2 here

Install SP1 first, then SP2. Installation order is very important!




Acceleration Pack, highly recommended



Download and Install FSUIPC

Want to know installed FSUIPC version? FSUIPC 3 / FSUIPC 4



Interface methods between VRinsight’s unit and Simulation software

Key-Mapper Tutorial


USB-to-Serial Driver Software:

Install USB-to-Serial Driver software manually:  readme.txt [0][1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17]

Getting latest driver software (FTDI Chips VCP page)

Want to clean up your virtual COM port? Remove “Phantom-Devices”


LCD screen for Pit series panel:

Detecting Extended Screen on Windows XP or Windows 7

Change view mode to 2D cockpit to undock gauge window

How to undock gauge window ?

Check undocked gauge window and title (i.e. ProPit’s Main Gauge)

Un-matched screen size ? How to fit LCD screen resolution for NVIDIA video card [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


More to come….



Files for Discontinued Products: